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A lot of people want to know about their ancestors, I am one of those.We are all a part of the history, the future is formed out of the past, and we are the connecting link. The Nittebjerg family goes back to 1577, the name comes from the name of a farm , Nittebjerggaard, in Sundbylille near Frederikssund in North Sealand. This location is situated in the parish of Jørlunde, my place of birth, the farmers name was Lars Larsen, second generation of the family, he lived 1621-1698.

From the beginning, the Nittebjerg family was archived by the late policemaster in Grenå, Anders Peter Andersen, during the two decades of the nineteenth century, the fourties and the fifties.

Since that time other people found out, that Lars Larsen had a lot of siblings, exactly there were fourteen, and nine of them got descendants, so indeed the family was growing quickly at that discovery.
Since 1577 when we find Lars Madsen in Lille Rørbæk, the family have went out allmost over the whole world.

Until now I only have written this site in Danish, but suddenly a mail from Australia came into my mailbox, and a whole branch of the familily in Australia appeared. Maybe more familiy members are hidden around the world? That is the reason to write this summary in English.
Thanks to Mrs. Mary Grant of Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, for the kind help.
To see the descendants of Jørgen Peter Esbensen, who emigrated to Australia, please seek on this site:
Click on
E in Personer and find Esbensen, Jørgen Peter 1865 - 1940

Do you know anything about ancestors who could be of interest in this case, please don´t hesitate to
mail me, maybe you are a member yourself, or know about someone, who can be a member of one of the biggest Danish farmer families.

Kind regards

Hans Reckweg
DK-3200 Helsinge



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